About me

Lis Nobre is Brazilian from Manaus, Amazonas.

Lis NobreStudied Social Communication and Social Education.

Since  a very young age she is devoted to theatre, dance and performing arts. She is an hybrid performer with wide experience in Clown, Aerial Dance, Contemporary Dance and Theatre. She has studied Circus, Dance and Theatre in several schools  and groups in South América and Europe as Cultural Center of The University of Buenos Aires Ricardo Rojas, Spasso Circus School in Belo Horizonte, El Individuo Group (Brazil/Argentina), Teatro Proskenion and Odin Theatre in Italy.

She participated in several courses and aerial  workshops with masters in South America  and Europe as Rodrigo Matheus (Aerial Expressivity – Circo Mínimo, São Paulo,Brazil, 2005), Leonardo Silva (Intensive Course of “Aerial Safety and Technique in Trapeze,Rope, Tissue, Space Intrépida Trupe, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, 2005), Maria del Aire (“Technique in Static Trapeze”, space Circo Criollo and Circo del Aire, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2002), Celeste Castillo (“Aerial Tissue”Levelibular, Cordoba, Argentina, 2003), Luiz Leszcano (“Tissue”Ricardo Rojas, Buenos Aires, 2002), Luana Tamaoki (“Intensive Tissue”Circo School Picolino, Salvador, Bahia Brazil 2005) and Adriana Gueant (Master Class in Dance Trapeze and Dance Tissue with Cie Bachianas at the Space Academie Fratellini, Paris-France, 2012, 2013,2014)

For three consecutive years she was the teacher of aerial acrobatic arts of the course Circus for beginners and advanced level during  the winter festival of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, UFMG (2004, 2005, 2006). Also she worked as aerial teacher for the social projects Circo de Todo Mundo (Non Profit Organization) in 2005 and Fica Vivo (artistic and social project organized by the government of  Minas Gerais, state located southeast of Brazil, both with baseland in Belo Horizonte city) during 2005 and 2006.

Lis Nobre Tissu Grevena 2007Since 2006, when she participated with her clown Solo “Vita Intensa” in the festival Masks in Reggio Calabria, South Italy supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture she started to visit often Europe for culture and artistic cooperation.

In 2008  she started to live in the island of Zakynthos, Greece.

In Greece she participated for two times in the International Street Theatre Festival organized by Helix Theatre.

In 2009 she was part of the ensemble of the spectacle AION-Kosmogonia, as aerialist and performer.

In 2010 she played her solo “Tiramisú-a sweetie and sweatie one woman show “mixing Aerial techniques, Clown, Music and Stand up Comedy. At the same year she presented her Clown Solo in Brazil during the International Clown’s Week in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in Italy during the International Festival of Comic Theatre of Santo Omero, Abruzzo and in Zakynthos during the Panzakynthia Festival.

In April, 2010 she was invited to offer  several artistic courses for the municipality of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil including  Aerial Seminars for beginners and advanced. Also she cooperated with the “” Aerial Dance ensemble from Manaus.

In Zakynthos she is teacher of Acrobatics and Aerial Dance Acrobatics Art in Olympiada Artistic Gymnastics School.

She also is creator and director of the non profit organization Ambrosia Theatro for developing culture and artistic interchanges between Brazil and Europe as the International Theatre Meeting “Scenic Bridges” that had its first edition in 2011.

Lis NobreAs Clown she has a wide experience in projects, interchanges and Festivals. She has studied with great masters from Brazil and abroad as Ricardo Pucetti (LUME, Brazil), Marcio Libar ( Brazil), Cícero Silva (Brazil), Zé Regino (Brazil), Ana Luísa Cardoso (Brazil), Silvia Leblon (Brazil), Adriana Morales (Brazil), Leris Colombaioni (Italy), Gardy Huter (Switchzerland), Hillary Chaplain (USA), Chacovacci (Argentina), Mauri Kurbac (Argentina).

With her performances she had participated in several festivals and meetings in  more than 9 countries between South America and Europe.

As actress she had taken part in many performances in Italy, Germany, Brazil and Greece with the groups Proskenion (Italy), Workin Party (Germany), Rodamundo (Brazil) and Astragali (Italy).

In 2012 she offered the first workshop of Static Trapeze in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece and became the pioneer teacher in Trapeze in that city.

In her tour to Brazil in 2012 she offered the seminar “Sculptures in Movement” and premiered her new Clown Solo Piece “Diva” in the International Clown Meeting “Interplanetary Clown´s Week” in Belo Horizonte and The International Clown Meeting of Mariana City, Minas Gerais.

At the end of 2012 she started to run her masterclass of Dance Trapeze and Dance Tissue with Adriana Gueant, artistic director of the “Cie Bachianas” at the school Academie Fratellini, Paris, France. She also have been there in February and November, 2013 and continues to cooperate with that group until now.

Lis kryoneri zakynthosStill in February, 2013 she has attended some seminars of Butoh Dance in Paris with Juju Alishina and participated of the Artistic Residency Project H.O.S.T directed by the group Astragali from Italy in Zakynthos.

In March 2013 she was one of the artist invited for the residency project”Em Residencia” together with the  recognized group of contemporary dance “Movasse Coletivo de Criação em Dança”  from the well knowed culture institution Sesc Palladium  and also she presented her solo Diva, in Belo Horizonte city.  She held a short season at the Cafe Les artistes in the city of Manaus, Amazonas during that season.

In June 2013,the spectacle Diva was one of the special guests of the 1st International Festival “Palhaços do Mundo”(Clowns of the World) in the city of Fafe, Portugal.

In August 2013 Lis Nobre was one of the teacher of the Austriac project Sommerakademie in Zakynthos, with the workshop Hybrid Body, Brazilian Popular and Contemporary Dance.

In October she presented her solo Clown  and also her solo trapeze act at the Club Stampen in Stockholm, Sweden. And in December she presented for the very first time the spetacle “Diva” in Zakynthos, Greece.

Her education in Performing Art is hybrid and includes courses and seminars with many masters as Kasuo Ohno (Butoh, Japan), Katsura Kan (Butoh, Japan), Maureen Flemming (Butoh, USA), Juju Alishina (Butoh, Japan), Camilo Arenas (Contemporary Dance, Chile/France), Norberto Presta (Transito Produções/Brazil/La vie en rosse,Italy,Theatre), Eugenio Barba (Odin Teatret, Denmark), Claudio La Camera (Teatro Proskenion, Italy), Licko Turle (TánaRua Street Theatre, Brazil), Angela Mourão (Teatro Andante, Brazil), Julia Varley, Augusto Omolú (Odin Teatret), Andrea Elias (Teatro Xirê, Brazil), Carlos Ujhama (Orixás Dance,Brazil), Guillermo Angeleli (Argentin), Cris Oliveira (Choreographic Board, Dance,Brazil), Sheri Brown (Butoh, USA), Movasse Collective (Contemporary Dance, Brazil), Yoshito Ohno (Butoh, Japan), Ivan Vasconcelos (Orixás dance, Brazil,Germany).