Livia Mattos live in Zakynthos

Livia Mattos live in Zakynthos

Next week I will receive the Brazilian accordionist, singer and circus artist Livia Mattos in Zakynthos to play at the beautiful and cool multicultural space Portokali located in Argassi.

Livia Mattos and I met first time in 2002 at the Picolino Circus School in Salvador, Bahia, where both were living and studying Aerial Tissue. So far, after many years where each one had followed our own road, always keeping Circus as one mark of our artistic languages, we will meet again to bring to Zakynthos some good music from Brazil and from the Circus world!

Livia will be accompanied by the Greek guitar player Thanos Spinos and the Austrian percussionist André Varkony.

If you are in Zakynthos don’t miss it!

Livia Mattos Europe tour 2014