Aerial Dance and Acrobatics Workshop

Tissue and Static Trapeze


The Aerial Dance or Acrobatics is a techique that belongs to the Circus universe but has been well researched and practiced in areas of dance, theatre, gymnastic and as a physical practice of entertainment for its playful and challenging.

The Static Trapeze and the Aerial Silks are aerial apparatus and the technique to learn each one is unique and varies between balances, twists, inversions in specific parts of the body, benefiting it with strength, flexibility and body awareness, imporved by the students during each practicing session.

The static trapeze is a single trapeze on which one or two people perform a series of positions, wraps and tricks that create a fluid, dance-like aerial performance. The static trapeze is in a fixed position; the trapeze artist doesn´t swing or fly to a catcher. So unlike the flying trapeze uses strenght, grace and flexibility rather than timing and momentum.

The workshop can cover basic, intermediate and advanced trapeze and aerial tissue positions; It will also focus on conditioning while improving the individual students static´s skills.

During the first class will be developed a curriculum specifically tailored to each student´s skill level and need(increasing core strenght, developing better flexibility, etc.

During the workshop the concepts above will be worked on, in a practical and continuous compliance with organic and physical characteristics of each participant, in search of an authentic ownership can mode of incorporation of the technique in each body, so that can not only learn the technique, but use it in one personal and creative way, always respecting the times of warming up and cooling down of bones, joints and muscles, so important to a healthy physical activity.


Audience: dancers, acrobats,actors in search of better physical performance and all interested in healthy conditions.


Duration: minimum 2 hours per day(beginners)

maximum 5 hour per day(advanced)

Technical Require:

Space with structure or urdiment minimum 4 meters height with sticks, rings, iron or alluminum bars for lock the aerial aparattus.


Minimum 5 persons

Maximum 12 persons per group