Intensive Workshop Clown

State, Body and Playing in Clown’s Art


The Clown is a being who lives in the present, the “here and right now” and his/her logic and action born from this principle. His/her empathy with audience will depend of his/her availability to leave his/herself to be affected by what is going around him/her.As higher is the capacity in listening more honest may be his/her reaction and bigger the possibility to please the audience.

The Clown reacts physically to emotional stimuli/impulses. So failure, exposure,pleasure, ridiculous situations and gathering with other people become possibilities to communicate, to have fun and let the other have fun with him. Even if for this reason, he/she must sacrifice his/her dignity.

The Game is an essential element for the Clown in relationship with the audience and with his/her partners in scene:through imagination and playing the Clown allow his/herself to create and live many characters and situations ranging from the tragic to comic in a blink of an eye. Imagination and playing are keywords for the Clown´s dialogue with audience and partners.

The purpose of this workshop is to begin or to deepen the training of essential elements of Clown´s Art: State,Body and Playing, with emphasis on the study of the “emotional musculature” of the Clown as a fundamental cell in the development of the Clown of each participant.

We will work listening the impulses, the reaction of external stimuli, and embodying these into actions, noting what game is either born or exist in potency from there.

We will also work through exposure,fragility, disinhibition, presence and projection on stage.

Rols improvisation and experimentation in different spaces.


Elements Require:

Comfortable Clothes

Your Clown Costume(If you have)

Red Nose

3 objects chosen by yourself

Duration: 3 hours per day, minimum 2 days.

14 vacancies