Workshop Hybrid Body

Brazilian and Contemporary Dance


To become acquainted with Brazil through its cultural expressions such as dance, game and music is a very practical and enjoyable way to understand a little more about this country, rich in diversity and contradictions.

The culture of each brazilian regions is unique. In order to dance the dance of each region with true passion and personality ,this workshop offers a dialogue between music, dance, ways of singing in order for a deep and intense experience with the Brazilian culture ,and tools and techniques of contemporary dance, looking for a hybrid body, flowing alive and without borders.

In this way, “to dance goes beyond the dance”. It is to dance together: our history with the history of each other, creating a dialogue, through history, body, music, energy and the expression of each participant, offering the possibility of living in a few hours a true cultural exchange.



Information and technical requires for workshop


Duration: 1 and half hours per day/ minimum 2 days


Minimum 6 participants and max 25 participants for group.

CD Player


Appropriated space

Confortable clothes


All those interested in having an experience of Brazilian culture through its dance.