DIVA (Theatrical Clown Show)

A dressing room where the Diva should be preparing for the “big show”. A stage cleaner with megalomaniac tendencies and talent to be Diva and live a glamorous life, at least for a few minutes.
That´s the way that begins the journey of the Clown Nanika toward fame: by mistake! But she would not miss the opportunity to be on stage… never!

Acting: Lis Nobre (Brazil)
Direction Assistance: Rodrigo Robleño(Brazil)

Duration: 50 Min

About the spectacle
The spectacle Diva premiered in May,2012 opening the International Meeting “Interplanetary Clown´s Week” in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
In March 2013 the show received an advisory direction by the Brazilian director, clown and ex member of the Cirque du Soleil, Rodrigo Robleño to present at the Sesc Palladium, a well known culture institution in Brazil.
The show held a short season at the Cafe- Teatro “Les artistes” in the city of Manaus, Brazil being very well received by the audience and artists.
In June, 2013 the spectacle was one of the special guests of the 1st International Festival ”Palhaços do Mundo”(Clowns of the world) in the city of Fafe in Portugal.
Recently. “Nanika”, the name of the Lis Nobre´s Clown has been performing in the city of Stockholm in Sweden and France.