Favela Viking Club

Favela Viking Club (Circus Theme)


Where: Stampen Jazz Club, Gamla Stam. Stockholm, Sweden

Special Guest: Lis Nobre as Clown Nanika Aerialist and Dj LadySnake


In October 2013 Lis Nobre was the special invited for present her Clown and Trapeze Acts at the great party “Favela Viking Club”organized by the Brazilian performer, poet and culture manager Joka Soul, based in Stockholm. The event that happens every one or two months at the acclaimed Jazz ClubStampen at the most cool square of Gamla Stam, and always bring a theme to inspire decor and audience, this occasion had chosen the Circus World!

Lis Nobre took her Clown Nanika and her Swing Trapeze Act into this beautiful event. Also Lis Nobre, who loves music was invited to play her set as Dj Lady Snake. It was a great experience at the beautiful city of Stockholm.


Clown Act


Trapeze Act