“Between – The performer’s hybrid body among artistic languages”


The Body between the frontiers of Dance, Circus, Theatre, Performance, Music and Visual Arts is the research´s territory of this workshop. Proposing a process of artistic interchange in search of communications and contamination elements between these artistic languages for creating hybrid performing acts, in a unique space resulting from a Temporary Autonomous Zone, that perforates aesthetics forms and reaches a “turbulence zone”* seens here as the contact among identities, experiences and personal biography of each author-performer participating in this process. Allowing then local and global connections to strengthen a new form of democracy.


Audience: Students and professionals interested in the purpose.


During the first part of the process we will work with Theatre, Circus and Dance Common technical elements

The second part of the process we will add Music and Visual Arts technical elements.

The whole process will occur collaboratively, each participant will be invited to share and direct scenic creation proposals.

A presentation at the end of the procedure will be performed


Duration: minimum 6 meetings of 3 hours per day.


Number of participants : minimum 8

Maximum: 25


Working Elements

Comfortable Clothes

An object