Workshop Sculptures in Movement

A Method for Creation of Scenic Actions By the Performer


The Performer’s Art is simply to achieve actions that may have an impact and to keep the audience’s attention.

The purpose of this workshop is finding how to represent maintaining a quality of life on stage or how through a fixed structure to rediscover the flow of life.

We will work to present some methodologies for creation of scenic pieces, offering to participants the opportunity to discover and explore different lines of physical actions, introducing elements like voice, text and objects in an organic way.

We will work between the flow of life and technique.


Elements to be worked

Energy Release

Muscle Memory

Embodiment of impulses

Scenic Moments

Introduction of Text and Objects on Physical Action


Elements required

Comfortable clothes

An chosen object

A song chosen by the participant in any language


Number of participants

Minimum 6

Maximum 20.

Duration: Minimum 3 hours per day( 3 days ideal)