Desires Aerial Act

Static Trapeze and Dance Trapeze


“The aerial space is full of desires; starting for the basic and common wish for all humanity: to fly.

Maybe because to fly could project the human to something of who really are.

Desires comes as a necessity to create something that can project the artist beyond of  “daily life”. To create an unique space between real life and imagination.To find the balance in a concrete/abstract reality built of dreams and pain.

Desires are always impulses to go ahead,to go higher. To touch the sky.”

(Lis Nobre)


In this act, Lis wanders among sensations that move the process of creating an aerial act; Pain, joy, fatigue and overcoming to show an “invisible” and fragile body in the interstices of the strong and virtuous body.

A space “between” where the intimate, stripped and full of desire´s body is revealed.


Acting: Lis Nobre

Duration: 7 minutes – 11 minutes.


Technical Requirements

3 rigging points been 2 for static trapeze and one for dance trapeze; pulley system may be used. (See Aerial rigging document)